Monday, May 24, 2010

Even when it looks like all is lost.......

I was walking down the hall in my house one day and I happened to glance out the window and stopped in my tracks when I saw a Mockingbird flapping it's wings suspended in midair, I thought that was a little strange so I stepped up to the window and I saw that it had a huge green caterpillar in it's beak! The caterpillar (similar to the one pictured) was hanging on for dear life with only a few of his many little legs wrapped around a small branch on the tree and the Mockingbird had a hold of the rest of his plump body, pulling it with all his might while flapping his wings to stay airborne! I was stunned at that sight and ran to grab my camcorder to film this war of the wills. The battery was dead and in between looking for the cord and the extension I would run to the window to make sure they were still there and they were. I finally found an extension cord, plugged the camcorder in and I ran out to film but the bird was gone! I stood there feeling sorry for the poor little caterpillar that for sure had lost it's life to the tenacious bird......and as I was looking at the branch.....lo and behold, there still clutching the branch, was the caterpillar!!! He looked a little worn but there nonetheless!! Wow, I thought to myself, this caterpillar never gave up!! He was in a battle for his life clinging on with only a couple of his many legs and he won!! Wow!
We could learn a lot from that caterpillar.....because even when it looks like all is lost......if you hang in there long enough, you will triumph!!
Sometimes when things get a little rough, I think of that caterpillar's will to survive and heck, if that caterpillar can do can I!!!

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