Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hummingbird mama and babies!

I love hummingbirds, I see them hurriedly flying around here and there from beautiful bloom to beautiful bloom, drinking in the sweet nectar those blooms have to offer.  I, however, had never seen a hummingbird nest......until now!!!!  A friend of mine discovered a hummingbird nesting in her Lime tree recently!!!  I went over there,camera in hand, and stared in amazement, at the beautiful, tiny, colorful mama hummingbird sitting cozily on her beautiful, teeny, tiny, carefully crafted nest.  I took some pictures of this wonderful scene.  Mama hummingbird never left her nest, so I was not able to photograph her tiny eggs.  A few days later I was able to go back and photographed her tiny babies, two of them.  Oh my, they are so very tiny.  Here are a few of the pictures for you to enjoy.  So, so wonderful and beautiful.  I thank God for giving me the chance to observe these tiny miracles of life in person.   ♥Love♥

Monday, January 9, 2012

Talent is God's Gift

Created this in my Print Artist program.....I think Mr. Buscaglia was right on the money with this one!! Love it!! I think I am going to print this out, put it in a frame and hang it on my wall in my craft room!

Mother Theresa's wise words...

I love Mother Theresa.......even after her death, she still guides me with her wise words.
I created this with my Print Artist program.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Created this banner for my facebook cover pic. Used photoshop. Love it. I think I will keep it there for a while.
Creating is like breathing for me, I don't care what I am painting, drawing, molding, knitting or crafting. As long as I am involved in some type of art, I am the happiest. Only another artist can understand the addiction. ♥